About Pantheon Art

Pantheon is an art management and production company focused on art with high profile celebrities.

Founded in 2019, the studio specialises in working with celebrities who are famous in other fields such as film, music and sport. Pantheon provide art management and production - bringing together the artist’s work and their community to share a creative vision.

At Pantheon we have a diverse and highly experienced team created from founding multimillion pound international advertising production businesses to fine art history, acquisitions, studio production and artist management. We bring an unconventional eye to creativity working with high profile celebrities to realise art and disrupt stereotypes.

Following a 17-year working relationship with Johnny Depp across several successful art related projects, Pantheon are proud to be art studio to the actor, musician, and artist.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Castle Fine Art


Pantheon has a philanthropic mission, and in our work with celebrities we make substantial donations to charities chosen by those celebrities.