About Pantheon Art

Pantheon is a fine art collective, studio and gallery, focused on originating and producing unique works of art and very short run limited editions.

Founded in 2019 by the creative partnership of Barry Jones and James Preston, Pantheon provides a vehicle for our own art as well as representation for artists within our circle. Under the direction of the founders, the studio specialises in collaborative art with celebrities who are famous in fields such as film, music and sport.

In these projects Pantheon combines the talents of photographers, graphic artists, illustrators, printers and often the celebrities themselves, to create works of art that show the subject in a new and more revealing light.

Pantheon also has a philanthropic mission, and in our major collaborative projects with celebrities we make substantial donations to charities chosen by those celebrities.

Debut Collection

Certain stars have been embraced by the world because of their personal character, beyond their roles and celebrity status. These stars have typically made a mark in many fields – not just acting or music, but also art and business – and have a depth of character that their audience engages with.

This “Character Beyond Celebrity” series focuses on these iconic stars and portrays them in a series of artworks that captures their true personality. Pantheon are working closely with these subjects to create 'self portraits' that are subsequently hand embellished and signed by their own hand.

the self portrait by

Ralph Steadman