The Bunnyman, Origins



Origins is the foundational artwork in The Bunnyman Genesis. As Johnny's initial portrayal of the character (a 2m tall canvas), this limited-edition artwork resonates the striking presence of The Bunnyman.

The piece is daubed with strokes of dynamic red; a strongly symbolic colour, connoting courage, protection and luck. It highlights The Bunnyman as a bold, powerful guardian warding off evil spirits. Its contrast with black further exposes the figure's duality, who has been described by Johnny as “a fearsome vision and inseparable friend.” 

“The character means a lot to me,” Johnny explains. “He comes from a recurring dream that I had as a child of five or six. I would walk to the door of the basement in our house in Kentucky, and when I opened it, I saw a figure with no face standing on the landing at the top of the stairs. He had features, like a mannequin almost, and was formed of a membrane containing various little grains of sand of different colours. They coursed through his body in abstract ways.”

The Artwork

With hand applied gold leaf, silkscreen varnish and spot colour, this is a mixed media hand-signed limited-edition artwork on 640gsm paper with torn edges. Each artwork is signed by Johnny and emboss stamped by hand with his personal mark of authenticity, The Bunnyman himself.

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