Heath Ledger, Friends & Heroes II


In 2022, Johnny's debut Friends and Heroes I collection sold out almost immediately across the globe. The portrait series featured a handful of Johnny's friends and people who inspire him, including Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Dylan, Al Pacino, and Keith Richards. One year later, we are thrilled to release the second instalment of Friends & Heroes, featuring this vivid portrait of Heath Ledger.

In addition to being hand-signed by the artist, this limited edition artwork is embossed with Johnny's iconic Bunnyman logo. The Bunnyman's form was inspired by a sketch drawn by Johnny’s son Jack, who saw the figure in a dream when he was five years old. Remarkably, Johnny remembered seeing the same character in his own dreams and recognised The Bunnyman as a friendly warrior, who stands at the doorway between reality and imagination. Johnny later realised the iconic figure on a large canvas, and it has since come to symbolise both him and his work. The Bunnyman is now being registered as a global trademark and, along with Johnny’s initials, it represents an additional guarantee of authenticity beyond his handwritten signature.

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