Johnny Depp's Five featured on Forbes

On Thursday 20 July, 5PM BST / 4PM GMT for just 13 days, celebrated and controversial actor Johnny Depp shared his Five self-portrait silkscreen and archival pigment color prints through the London gallery Castle Fine Art. Priced at around $1,950 each ($2750 when framed) and each individually hand-signed by Depp with an additional embossed stamp to confirm authenticity, $200 from each sale will go to the charity Mental Health America. The choice of charity is a testament to the challenges Depp faced in recent years during his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. 13 days is because it’s his favorite number...he even has it tattooed on his arm.

Depp has quietly made art away from the public eye, sketching himself before the mirror even before he was an actor, but the choice to publicize this self-portrait is launched with the hope of inspiring others.

Depp began working on this specific project in 2021 as a pathway to healing, but renamed it “Five” in 2023, five years after Heard’s article alleging abuse and subsequent legal proceedings. In an interview for the showcase, he simply calls this period “the madness”.
Along with his signature, the works include a special marking he calls ‘The Bunny Man,’ derived from a nightmare Depp’s son Jack had at the age of five. (Jack is now 21).