The Art Newspaper Takes Five

While he's widely known for his acting prowess, Johnny Depp's equally impressive artistry is making waves across the art world. 

Johnny recently announced the launch of his self-portrait Five (2023), conceived as he entered the fifth year of a challenging period in his life. “If the piece resonates with even just one person, this art has purpose,” says Johnny.

One of many self-portraits, Five is the first to be released to the public. It will be sold as a time-limited edition from July 20th for 13 days only (a number significant to the artist), and priced at £1,950. With each sale, $200 will go directly to Mental Health America, a community-based non-profit charity focused on supporting mental health issues.

The painting is inspired by a photograph taken during a shoot for Dior’s ‘Sauvage’ (directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino), when Johnny became the face of Christian Dior Parfums in 2015. Fans will be delighted to hear that each work is signed by Johnny and stamped with his personal mark of authenticity.

The release precedes the successful highly of Johnny's sale silkscreen prints that netted him at least £4.5m. The piece is available to purchase from Castle Fine Art, a subsidiary of the Washington Green Fine Art retail group, which also offers works by Bob Dylan, Billy Conolly and Marvel. 

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