Johnny Depp The Bunnyman Necklace - Silver


Inspired by the vision of a "bunnyman" in his son’s dream, Johnny first captured The Bunnyman character with an iconic golden portrait.

Conceived as a free spirit and caring protector, The Bunnyman has grown into a symbol of Johnny himself and consequently been adopted as a trademark for all of his art.

Casual in appearance but intense in purpose, Johnny thinks of The Bunnyman as a bohemian figure with shamanic power. The Bunnyman is a symbol of universal inner strength.

Immortalised as a pendant hand-crafted in London, The Bunnyman is cast in silver before a hallmark is applied to guarantee its quality and authenticity. 

The Bunnyman pendant retains its character by not being overly polished. This conveys a rustic finish- as if hewn from a life well-lived.