Johnny Depp's Bunnyman art collection featured on the Independent

Johnny Depp has envisioned the Bunnyman as a “benevolent” figure in his new art collection.

The 60-year-old actor and artist believes the humanoid shape is a “shared night-time vision between father and son”, according to Castle Fine Art, which will host his work at their partner gallery in Miami, in the US, from Tuesday.

In a YouTube video promoting the work, Depp said he has had recurring dreams of the Bunnyman, which “means a lot” to him, and he “feels very close to”.

He added: “My boy, my son Jack, when he must have been about five. He always looked like me, exactly like me as a child, he was drawing constantly.

“So some character that Jack had scribbled, beautiful scribbles into that shape, that image, reminded me of a kind of recurrent dream that I had as a child, probably around Jack’s age, five, six.

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