Johnny Depp, Preston Jones and Ross Halfin



Signed by: Johnny Depp in blue acrylic, Preston Jones and bearing the “Pantheon” stamp

This is one of a series of three.

Prices from £3,000

The stimulus for this work was a photograph directed by Johnny, working with his long time friend the photographer Ross Halfin. Standing strong, leaning forwards, with his eyes firmly fixed on the horizon, the image gives human shape to his creed, “Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks. Do what you have to do for you.”

Characteristically bedecked in his favourite colour, black, with a cap, scarf and guitar strap, Johnny is instantly recognisable. The layers of his “costume” are a visible signature of his style of dressing; and maybe a way to draw attention to his clothes rather than to himself. He’s famous for not enjoying the adulation that comes with being a Hollywood star. He considers himself shy, and highly values his privacy. That’s visible in the art. He’s focused on his own thoughts and not playing to any audience.

Lascaux acrylic paint, 16 silk screen layers and wave tint on hand laid silver leaf.

Paper: St. Cuthbert’s Waterford (NOT) 640gsm handmade 100% cotton rag.

Image: 850mm x 850mm
Paper: 1000mm x 1000mm

All framed prints are supplied in a wood moulding with a black satin finish and Optium museum grade UV protective/anti-static/non-reflective ‘glazing’.

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