Ralph Steadman, together with Pantheon Art, have released a new series of “Steadman self-portraits”. Original artwork by Ralph Steadman is very rare, so it is notable that a majority of the prints in this series have been elaborated, individually, by Ralph in his own hand with ink or paint to create unique, original works of his art.

Famed for making “humans look like reptiles”, this portrait lets Steadman’s humanity shine through. Here is a good man, a humorous man who doesn’t take himself too seriously; but who from the beginning has reflected in his art the nightmares in the world around him.

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Ralph adds characteristic ink flourishes to DALI

Ralph creates SPINAL TAP

Ralph adds flourishes to SPINAL TAP

Ralph Signs SPINAL TAP

Ralph paints 2020 SELF 'POORTRAIT'

Ralph titles 2020 SELF 'POORTRAIT'