Barry Jones

Barry comes to Pantheon after building worldwide, multi-million advertising businesses to realise his life-long interest in fine art. That journey started with his first job as a professional illustrator and has now progressed to his current role in conceptualising and realising art with his creative partner James Preston.


James Preston

Following a long career in artist management James has now emerged as an artist in his own right. Working with his creative partner, Barry Jones, James brings an unconventional eye and creativity towards their joint work.

James has worked on art projects with more than 150 celebrities including Beyonce, Harrison Ford, Will Smith and several times with Johnny Depp to raise awareness and funds for major charities. His commitment to charity fundraising is now being expressed at Pantheon.


Elliot Nyman

Celebrity photography newcomer Elliot has already worked with many celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Richard Branson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert De Niro and most recently Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill. He brings a youthful energy and wit to all his sessions and is responsible for supervising all the production follow through.

Contributing Illustrator

Ralph Steadman

One of Britain’s most lauded illustrators, Ralph brings wit, charm and extraordinary creativity to Pantheon. Known for his cartoons, caricatures and illustrated books; Ralph has a very original view on life, partly born out of his long partnership with Hunter. S. Thompson of Gonzo journalism fame, for whom he illustrated “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Ralph's lifetime work has recently been celebrated in the landmark book 'A Life In Ink'. Visit Ralph at


Michael O’Neill

As one of the most respected photographers of our time in the exacting art of commercial and editorial portraiture, Michael’s photography is based on a remarkable empathy between subject and photographer. Early subjects were Andy Warhol and Richard Nixon; and as a contributing photographer for the New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Life, The New Yorker, Esquire, Vanity Fair and Time, Michael has produced iconic photographs of many of the famous personalities of our lifetime. Visit Michael at 


Harwood King

Specialists in silk-screen printing, Harwood King is a multi-award winning fine art print studio with over 30 years’ experience of producing gallery-quality fine art prints for artists such as Julian Opie, Roy Lichtenstein and Howard Hodgkin, as well as publishers and galleries such as the Tate. Visit Harwood King at

Harwood King Printmakers